İrina Cumbaşvili


She is born in Georgia, 1963. Graduated from Choral Conducting of Faculty of Culture and Education related to Ministry of Culture of Georgia. She has worked in Georgia as an art director in many culture and art institutions and directed children' choirs and a capellas . Since childhood, she has won a lot of awards in artistic contests. In 1999, she has established Lyre Culture and Art Center which is connected to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education and since then worked as a music and piano teacher. Hence from this date forward, she has gained awards and certificates of appreciation for her contributions and participations in various organizations of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. She has organized a concert for abondened children on behalf of social services, AYÇOV (Antalya Orphans and Indigent Children Aid Foundation) and the whole income has been donated. Irina Chumbashvili has directed various musicals in the school which brought a success. In abroad, in dance festivals the ballet and music students from her school have won awards for the choreography. For 15 years, Irina Chumbashvili with professional staff has never given up on success and quality.