Gvantsa Lobjanidze

Gvantsa Lobjanidze

She has born in 18 February 1982, Georgia. After finishing the high school in Antalya College Fine Arts, she proceed her education in Paris, France.


2012-2013 National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Paris –Skill of Directing and Acting formation

2010-2012 Lyrique Theater, Paris – Stage Direction formation

2008-2010 Paris8 University, Paris – A Mention for Dramaturgy Specialist of Musical Staging, Master ( 1, 2 )

2006-2008 Paris8 University, Paris – "Creativeness, Music and Socity" Specialization License ( 1, 2, 3 )

2003-2006 Alfred Cortot Music Teacher Super High School, Paris – Specialist in Piano Art Branch


2013-2014 National Academy of Dramatic Arts – Formation with Daniel Mesguich 2013 National Academy of Dramatic Arts – "June Days" event, assistant of stage of a musical directed by J.D.Barbin

2013 Opera Bastille Amphitheater - Requiem-3 assistant of stage

2013 Theater XIII - "Here Tomorrow" Festival, Requiem-3 assistant of stage

2012 Bernard-Marie Koltès Theater - Nanterre Festival, Requiem-3 assistant of stage

2012 Chatelet Theater – Internee in staging Pop'pea production

2011 Chatelet, Theater, Foyer – Director of stage of DUO and to make a participation of group consisted from fifteen artist

2010 Paris8 Theater – Director of stage of "Madrigale" play and paticipated as a comedian and dancer

2009 Paris8 Theater – Played Anna2, a comedian role in "Seven Deathful Sin" from Weill and Brecht

2008 Chatelet Theater – Internee in stage directions with David Cronenberg by "La Mouche"