Our School

Lyre Culture and Art Center which takes its name from mythological instrument lyre has been established in 1999 with a basic principle " A NATION WHICH REMAINED WITHOUT ART MEANS ONE OF THE LIFE VESSELS IS RUPTURED" which is an Atatürk's saying.

Lir Kültür ve Sanat MerkeziThe target; bringing up individuals who have an esthetic sense and a free thought.

Humans existence spiritual structure enriches with culture and art products and emotions are expressed with enthusiasism, art and life meet in LYRE CULTURE and ART CENTER, serves with professional education understanding in LARA.

Fine Arts Highschool and University deparments, State Conservatories, the students whom we make ready for them, in the areas; Singing, Solfege, Instrument, Ballet, Painting and Theatre; they are nurtured appropriately to the targeted schools' exam program.

In the curriculum program duration, the students who complete the course is given a"CERTIFICATE" approved by the National Ministry of Education.

In our school which is 1500 m2 squared; we are there to offer you the more beautiful by professional staffs outstanding and qualified service understanding.

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