" "I cannot explain my feelings with poetry because I'm not a poet.
I cannot express myself with shadows and lights because I'm not a painter.
But I can make all of them with music.
Because I'm a musician. "

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART

Music Main Art Branch

Preschool Music Education

okul öncesi müzik eğitimi

For preschool music education at preparatory stage degree the most important fact is; brain's right and left half-spheres all are in session. Our brain's left half-sphere inclines towards, logical, verbal, rationalist, abstract, numerical facts, on the other hand right half-sphere; non-verbal, concrete and intuitional thinking manner. For our program 5-6 years aged students are accepted. With our illiteracy students we are starting with colors to learn and develop music alphabet, note notion, writing technics. Our aim is before playing the piano child perceives the sound with color, by means of color it is provided her/him to see and hear the voice of music.

At preschool education program accurate manage of right and left senses is very important. Geometrical conceptions, to be able to impose low and upper sounds according to highness or thickness, improving eye exercise, the notes at both clefs ( sol and fa clefs ), to be able to sense and implement at the same time with finger numbers.

Basic Music Education

temel müzik eğitimi

Theory – solfege music history and instrument education. Basic music education is for 4 years. Student who completes the program ensures the equivalent of fine arts faculties or secondary school conservatory education.

Advance Level Academical Music Education

akademik müzik eğitimi

The student who completes successfully the 8 year curriculum program; obtains certificate for master instructor which is approved by Ministry of National Education.

Instrument, Theory Solfege Education

enstrüman eğitimi

Curriculum of praxis is one of our certificate programs, it as an important program of basic music or advance level academical music education ( Weekly 2 hours, consisting of; 1 hour theory-solfege, 1 hour praxis one-to-one instrument lesson. Piano, violin, guitar, violoncell, saxophone, side-blown flüte.).

Music education as of hobby: Student takes 1 hour theory solfege, 1 hour instrument praxis lessons. These status of students do not take an exam. Everybody can join to this program who is targetting musical hearing and to develop rhythm sense, to play selected instrument and to take the music culture to his/her life.