Main Art Branches

We are making various artistic activities in our school. For music and ballet students the activities which we present provide a big contribution to the main art branches education. For instance: One of our music student can learn the piano compose correctly and easily with color perception, product election, geometric concepts, imagination power, improvisation, shaping inner feelings with handicraft or sighted and earwitnessed reflected on painting. Dough work empowers the finger muscles. Drama and theatre activities improve our students by choir, diction, gesture, mimic education, with replic he/she gains these advantages, sentence notion, tone of voice, correct verbal expression and correct breath inhale exhale. The student who takes drama education plays active role on the shows like; music, theatre, resital concerts which we make in our school in the end of the school years. The educations which are taken, for all students with main art branches' certificate programs provides them positive results in their delicate performances. The students who are graduated from music or ballet education with certificates, sustain privileged advantages about art, pedagogy career, professionality, rich knowledge and broad imagination talent in the future.