Drama Main Art Branch

drama tiyatro ana sanat dalı

In drama education base plays and theatres roles are big. By creating dramatic setting in dramatic plays provides to the young people an opportunity of outright participation to improve himself/herself and strengthening self confidence. In the process of growth the plays positive support to child's or young people's emotional and physical improvements prove "Drama" is always important part of education. Child learns with a role experience himself/herself and environment; drama activity is a natural and effective way for human to perceive the world right and find own place in it. "Theatre is a way for child to think, relief, proof, recall, work, dare, trial, create and understand." According to Freud these variations of dramatic plays provide to the child enacting environment and coping skills. With this way, child enjoys by learning and this situation enables easy learning the drama play.

Our purpose is to; provide healthy way of expression of emotions, improve the child's imagination skill, give the child a chance for free way of thinking and ability of self expression, improve awareness of child's aspects of social, team working and collaboration. The knowledge of today is precise "Drama" provides positive contribution to child's emotional education. Drama improves their personality, so that they become creative and social individuals. Drama is a jolly way for children to sense the world simple. In that case why children do not walk on this jolly way...