Lir Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi


"If a nation is deprived from art and artist cannot be a proprietor of life wholly. Such a nation is like a person who is drag-footed, one-armed, disabled and diseased. A nation which is remained without art means its life vessel is ruptered." M.K. ATATÜRK

Art; it makes human feel unique, it is a life philosophy provides many aspects for life, and spritual and physical comfort. Tolstoy's opinion expression about art is: " Once an emotion experienced by human after own reviving to experience the same emotion on others, deprivates the motion, sound, line, color or word signification occure art.

Art Education: Music, ballet, painting, handicraft, graph, oil color, water color, mock-up, ballet costume sketch, stage decoration works, drama, choir, musical and theatre education, provides young people and children emotional and esthetic sense. Investigations show that student who is interested in art develops phenomenon like potentially-creative skills, beside the way of free thinking, decision making, evaluation and self identification.

Art education should make gain to student working discipline, the way of right looking, courage for approaching new synthesis. With implemented exercises these ought to provided for students; accountibility, idea producing ability, sharing, sensitiveness to problems, analyticalness and creativeness. Artistic activities supply these kind of opportunities also; environmental awareness, beneficial interest, esthetics satisfaction, production and confrontation of hermeneutics requirements and more meaningful life. The individuals whose esthetic admiration is developed contributes to himself/herself and society much more.

Lir Culture and Art Center's Mission: Bringing up individuals with a/an; developed visual perception, artistic self expression, priority to the main culture in recognising, learning, saving and carrying it to the next generation responsibility, respect for world culture heritage, creativeness and constructiveness. A vast opportunity providing with qualified education given by professional staff to happy and prolific generation to express themselves with different artistic paths. Preparing a future with professional, competent and affectionate staff.