" At art nothing, even movement
is not a coincidence. "


Ballet Main Art Branch

Preparatory Ballet Education Program

hazırlık bale eğitimi

Student is accepted to hobby classes for classical and modern ballet.

For 5-6 years students preparatory ballet education program is implemented. By class inclusion of certificate programs, students age, talent and skill are considered. Duration of education may changes between 1 and 2 years.


To become a fond of ballet, to generate basic right technic, grace, self confidence, physical and spiritual development which ensures body coordination with rhythm sense.

Main Art Branch Ballet

klasik bale

The program which we implement is Russian Vaganova method, so the ballet art education places to right technics.

It seperates to 2; classic and modern. Both have 8 year curriculum program. Classic ballet 1st grade accepts students after 6-7 years. Students physical condition, growth and talent circumstances considered for choosing the right certificate program. Modern or classic ? The student who enrolls to classical ballet after graduation, he/she may pass to modern ballet education and graduate from modern ballet, too.

At the end of education program, which is in the direction of 8 year curriculum, student who succeeds at the exams wins the right of certificate of master instructor from the Ministry National Education.

The exam program: 2 Classic variaton, 1 modern ballet, 1 character dance, ballet history and pedagogy are the subjects of exam which are taken in front of the commission by student. At the any degree, student who cannot pass the exam, he/she is subject to education repetition untill availability to exam.

In our school, for sömestr holidays, we are providing master class workshops with accompaniment of professional master instructers from outland for classic and modern ballet students,

Main Art Branch Modern Ballet

modern bale ana sanat dalı

It is a contemporary dance program. Students between the ages 9-25 are accepted. Our program contains the features of dance technics of modern ballet, neoclassic, jazz, hip-hop.

Student takes classes weekly 4 hours, monthly 16 hours.

At the year of study end with the trained students we organize recital concerts on the professional stages to share their art talent shows. Outland contests and festivals are welcomed by us for our students.

Lyre Culture and Art Center Mission: Preparing student to ballet sections of conservatories, providing professional team for our country ballet art and and spreading universal culture to society.